Compliance Testing

ERISA (short for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) is a federal law established to protect the assets in employer sponsored retirement plans.

ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code spell out the requirements sponsors must meet. The complexity of these rules and regulations can be difficult for plan fiduciaries to manage.

As a service provider, we believe it is our responsibility to apply all our expertise and experience to keeping clients’ qualified plans in compliance. We provide rigorous compliance training for our employees so that we can achieve that goal. In fact, we’re a leader locally and nationally in the percentage of our staff who have pension-related professional credentials.

To ensure the integrity of your plan, SI GROUP will provide comprehensive compliance testing, delivering signature ready tax returns to you and fulfilling all other compliance requirements. Although we are always focused on the details involved in accurately filing returns and other compliance documents, we also keep the big picture in sight by performing an annual plan compliance review to compare the plan document provisions to the plan sponsor’s evolving goals, its day-to-day business operation and its current personnel.



Plan Administration

Compliance Testing

Testimonial from the financial manager of a mid-sized law firm in Honolulu, HI. They say, "It's comforting knowing we have SI Group to keep us in compliance with our responsibilities, especially as they change. When the 408(b)(2) disclosure regulations were enacted, SI Group did everything possible to keep us informed and prepared for this new mandate."